Henry WH Hack v3.0b
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If you have to make a complaint about me just simply go to this chatroom and click request access to open a ticket.

I am the ghost of Stack Exchange!
Stack Exchange operation hours 0400 UTC - 2100 UTC. (Due to some technical difficulties I am not on Stack Exchange much.)

Current Version: v3.0b
Major Future Versions: Mod Edition,CM Edition and Dev Edition

I am trying to be as helpful as possible on the Stack Exchange network.

Here are the tasks I do on the Stack Exchange sites (v2.1.2):

  • I flag bad post.
  • I do edits on some SE sites.
  • I do reviews on some SE sites.
  • I help out with some moderation on Area51.SE. (I was running out of ideas so why not.)

Working on more ways to be helpful.


Q: Why are you doing this?
A: It all started when I found out about Robert Cartaino, just kidding it happened long before that I just do them because, I am trying to be helpful. :)

RC ♦ is the man!

Dev Dev Dev!

Shadow man!

Interpersonal girl:

Fun Stuff:

100% NOT A REAL CERTIFICATE enter image description here

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