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Hard fork vs onchain-governance for Tezos

Here is a link where Arthur B. talks about the need for hard forks: The summary is that new features should be done via on chain ...
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Waiting for the node to be synchronized with its peers

You only need the equivalent of 2 CPU cores to bake/endorse with Tezos, and about 4 GB of RAM. Any more will remain idle. Yes, SSD due to poor database implementation, unfortunately. You should run ...
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stuck with moving my XTZ to Temple wallet

I have 0 XTZ on my balance This is either due to the way you imported your private key (e.g. you imported a bad tz address, but this rather happens when using a seed, not when using a private key). ...
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xtz preso em

Use for Trezor T instead. Simplestaking doesn't seem to be in development.
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How to delegate XTZ to multiple Validators?

You would have to split your funds over several accounts. Judging from the documentation of Ledger it should be easy to add new accounts (presumably you can add several accounts that stores Tezos). ...
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How to delegate XTZ to multiple Validators?

Have a look at this post, it shows how to create multiple originated accounts: How do you create a secondary KT1 contact under your TZ address? You can also have multiple implicit accounts using the ...
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