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Unable to build Tezos from source - alphanet

Found the issue. I was using files which were on the Windows file system (/mnt/d) as from my understanding, files created on the Windows file system can also be used by the Linux Subsystem. It looks ...
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Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 - Ubuntu 20.04 LTS - Does it work with Tezos?

I was able to make it work, you need to disable bubblewrap which is used by opam but not supported in WSL. You can do so using the --disable-sandboxing flag. See
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How to compile a LigoLang jsLigo written smart contract on Windows + vsCode?

Never mind, I've just found the issue. Maybe this could help Windows users: To compile on Windows you have to add ".exe" on the command, like this: ligo.exe compile contract starting.jsligo -...
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Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 - Ubuntu 20.04 LTS - Does it work with Tezos?

This comment by user jdsika includes all the steps needed to run Tezos on WSL2. Note that Windows 10 version 2004 is needed.
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WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) Ubuntu 18.04 LTS compile Tezos Node

I seem to recall similar curl errors when building on older versions of ubuntu and debian. The solution there was to install a newer version of git. Look for references to "git" in
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