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The "protocol" can be upgraded with on-chain-governance, everything else cannot. (But as we see with current storage optimizations, other parts can also be upgraded, without on-chain-governance.)


Try the following in the tezos folder: Update your packages: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade Make sure to have the right version of the code and clean everything: git fetch origin git reset --hard origin/mainnet git clean -dxf Update opam packages: opam update opam upgrade Build everything again: eval $(opam env) make build-deps eval $(...


The goal is to narrow down the as much as possible what can be upgraded to the parts which require agreement between all the participants. This is referred to as the "economic protocol". Fundamentally, the economic protocol decides which blocks are valid and which aren't, and provides a scoring function that determines the canonical chain among several ...


The general answer to the first question is: "Yes, that's the purpose of Alphanet!" then the devil lives in the details. Some constants are different (number of blocks per cycle, time between blocks, length of voting period, ...) between alphanet and mainnet so you mustn't hard wire them. Instead, you should ask them to the node (through RPC) if you need ...

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