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There are a lot of options: TzKT - I recommend this one! Tzstats Tezblock Better Call Dev - for smart contracts Teztracker Mininax

3 The full API used for the 'Delegators' tab: curl ',address,delegated_balance,spendable_balance,unclaimed_balance,delegated_since_time,delegated_since&limit=60'


First off, never risk more than you can afford. Secondly, your funds are not stuck. If you look at your address,, everything is still there. As the operation shows, the operation backtracked so, no, nothing transfered. Restart your trezor and try the transfer again. Remember, your tokens are stored on ...


For registering a delegate to bake, block explorers should show success as soon as the operation is made on the blockchain. Unless there is a fork, this will stay true unless you are inactive. This means as long as you have enough rolls, you will be given rights after 7 or 8 cycles (depending on snapshots). As far as obtaining actual rights, regardless of ...


It will take 7 cycles to show the registered delegate. The fact that it's in the delegation tab shows that the delegation was successful. After around 20 days, you should start receiving your first rewards and the delegation status should be updated on block explorers.


Ledger's central service node (where it fetches balances) is out of sync with the network. If you've confirmed that operation has completed then your funds are indeed safe in the ledger address. It is simply that the Ledger Live application's node is out of sync.

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