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Starting from Octez v12.0, a replace by fees feature will be available on the Octez shell implementation: This will enable the user to replace a manager operation in the Octez prevalidator's mempool (valid or not), for another manager operation - which either has more declared fees, or a greater fee/gas ...


You can use the RPC to ban/remove an operation (The endpoint should be protected with an ACL for safety reasons). The RPC endpoint is POST /chains/main/mempool/ban_operation (This link includes the endpoint specification). The operation is removed from the mempool, and its effect ...


You need to configure your nodes with --rpc-addr --allow-all-rpc parameters or modify your config to allow remote access by adding to rpc.listen-addrs : { "rpc": { "listen-addrs": [ "" ], "cors-origin": [ "*" ], "cors-headers&...


Yes, you can. You just need to increment the counter. Here's an example in C#:

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