Yes, you can use signer = InMemorySigner.fromFundraiser(email, password, mnemonic); or importKey(Tezos, email, password, mnemonic.join(' '), secret); from @taquito/taquito-signer An example


You can have your ledger device plugged into machine A (at home/office/datacenter) running tezos-signer, connected over VPN to your baker machine B (in cloud). Using tezos-signer on a different machine is to create security by separation.


No, there is no way to bypass the requirement to ack a transaction. You would have to write your own ledger-tezos app to support this. It can be done, as the baking app signs blocks without interaction using the same key. You would have to code a new instruction to sign without user button. https://github.com/LedgerHQ/app-tezos/blob/master/APDUs.md

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