Here the RPC API method: /chains/main/blocks/head/context/delegates/tz1.../delegated_contracts Worth to know: If you are working on baking-related software, you should be careful with the level of the block where you get the context. Probably, you might want to use snapshot blocks instead of head, as in example above.


The answer turned out to be to add --tls to the command like this: tezos-admin-client --tls p2p stat


There is currently no way to do such a thing. However, if the block is "just an alternative head", new blocks with better fitness should be considered and the node should switch to another branch. It depends on how it is broken.


This is a bug, see also this issue. A point can be greylisted too many times, so that the greylist expiration date (which increases exponentially) exceeds the max date bound for the date formatting library (somewhere around Y3K). This can happen even for trusted points, because the greylist expiration is still increased for them as usual, even though they ...

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