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The best documentation available for this is: To summarize, you'll want to: patch src/proto_alpha use scripts/ to copy the protocol into a new ...


You could use Flextesa In a docker-compose file, it should look like the following: version: '3.6' services: sandbox: image: tqtezos/flextesa:20210316 command: edobox start -P 8732 container_name: sandbox environment: block_time: 1 TEZOS_CLIENT_UNSAFE_DISABLE_DISCLAIMER: Y ports: - "8732:8732" It will bake ...


Use now = sp.timestamp(10). We used to allow now = 10 but this is not well typed. (also, obviously, the exception message should be better)


The error means that a nonce commitment should have been included in the block, but it was not (or the other way around, it was included, but it was not expected to be included). See here for details: In sandbox mode, a nonce commitment should be included every 4 blocks, as far as I understand. ...

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