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Taquito + BeaconWallet = Signer?

I suspect you are using Taquito's Contract API, but the Wallet API should be used to interact with a wallet. For example: const contract = await; Instead of : const ...
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I'm getting different public key hashes when creating new wallet with Taquito InMemorySigner x when creating with Kukai wallet. Why?

Could you help confirm if Temple wallet returns the same pkh as Kukai? In advanced options in Kukai, there is the ability to select HD wallet or legacy wallet. Could you confirm that the key you are ...
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1 vote

Tezos wallet inccrectly displays the new line character "/n" in the message to sign

That message is not formatted as described in the documentation you are referring to. You are missing the Tezos Signed Message: string prefix. If you fix that, Kukai will respect the \n character.
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1 vote

Unable to import NFT in the Temple wallet as collectible

Same problem here with my first contract. Did you found and fix the problem ? I think my metadata files are correct but cannot see any NFTs in the collectibles tab. Here is the contract https://better-...
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1 vote

FA2 view not working correctly

I would guess Temple doesn't recognize the metadata as they don't seem valid. You can get more information about formatting the token metadata here =>
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1 vote

Configuring own node on Temple wallet: `Invalid RPC: Cannot get chain id`

Opening a "Maximised View" of Temple and enabling the developer console, I could see CORS errors when I tried to add the node to Temple. The CORS issue was fixed by stopping and restarting ...
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1 vote

Taquito + BeaconWallet = Signer?

I've come back here a few times so it's time I put the solution to my problem in case I make this mistake again: Check that you've actually synced your wallet Assuming the project is in active ...
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