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Taquito doesn't have such a feature per se, but you can access this piece of information through the client property of the wallet instance, which contains the same data as the DappClient instance of the @airgap/beacon-sdk package: const wallet = new BeaconWallet(OPTIONS); const activeAccount = await wallet.client.getActiveAccount(); const { publicKey } = ...


This works for me: const initConnect = async () => { try { const wallet_instance = new BeaconWallet({ name: NAME, preferredNetwork: PREFERRED_NETWORK, disableDefaultEvents: false, // Disable all events / UI. This also disables the pairing alert. eventHandlers: { // To keep the ...


Self answering myself: As not precised in Taquito documentation, I need to add an import: import { NetworkType } from '@airgap/beacon-sdk'; And use it: await wallet.requestPermissions({ network: { type: NetworkType.HANGZHOUNET } }); If you have any other way to to it, as close as possible to the documentation example, I'm interested in explanations.

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