There are about 50k rolls right now, and 4096 blocks per cycle. Based on this, you can work out using the following: probableBakesPerCycle = (2/49997) * 4096; About 0.16 bakes per cycle, or 1 bake every 6.1 cycles. https://tzscan.io currently shows the number of rolls as well


Assuming there are N rolls, you have 2 chances out of N to be selected to bake at level X with priority Y N = 2, you will be selected with probability 1, N = 4, you will be selected with probability 1/2, N = 49941 (which is the number of rolls for cycle 80), you'll be selected with probability 0,000040047 (for each priority of each level) This means that ...


Assignment of baking rights in a cycle are independent choices. So the probability for you to get at least one baking right with prio 0 in a cycle is: (1-((50000-2)/50000)^4096) = 15.1%


You can migrate to Galleon. A previous answer used a fake address for Galleon. Google "Galleon Tezos" https://cryptonomic.tech/galleon.html Another usual advice is to change the rpc setting in tezbox to another node such as https://mainnet-tezos.giganode.io.


The RPC descriptions in the documentations are generally pretty self explanatory but let's try to clear it up by an example. Say I have a tz account that I own with a total of 11000 XTZ. I bake with this account. My friend Bob who has 5000 XTZ in a KT address, he delegates his funds for me to bake for his behalf. Though inconsequential, we combine for 2 ...


If by account you mean baker, then https://bakendorse.com does what you ask for. The stats page has the cumulative unlocked earnings of your baker and avg. earnings per cycle. see this example: https://bakendorse.com/#/bakers/tz1eFXLaCUcKbhXkLBGUGMGNY9tKHjWGG25V/projected_stats


The most significant benefit of an on premise solution is the availability of devices like the Ledger Nano S which are a proven mechanism for securing your private keys. With a cloud provider like Azure you do not have such a straightforward means to secure your keys. In theory you can make use of their dedicated HSM but it is not as clearly documented/...

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