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The main benefit of big_maps with respect to maps is that the gas costs of big_map operations don't depend on the number of elements stored in the big_map. Regarding storage size, when you store a key-value mapping in a big_map, you store the value but not the key; instead you store the hash of the key. This hash always takes exactly 32 bytes. The rest of ...


big_map is extremely expensive. It allows you to put as much data as you want in the contract, but you end up paying more in counterpart. Check this example: It produces 2 identical contacts, one uses a map and the other uses a big map. import smartpy as sp class MyContract(sp.Contract): def __init__(self, **kargs): self.init(**kargs) @sp....


The FA1.2 template was updated this week by Keefer Taylor. It will be updated in templates this weekend. Template link: Here is an example after deployment:


For a 20*11 area, you can use a bytes array of length round_up(20 * 11 / 8) = 28 bytes. The type for bytes is sp.TBytes in SmartPy. However, there is no update in place operation so operations may be a bit complex and costly to write (but highly doable).

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