After working with @taquito/rpc for a little while and having success there I also discovered in the main @taquito/taquito package there's some useful things you can subscribe to on the stream. A simple example to listen for new block hashes: const tezos = new TezosToolkit("http://localhost:8732"); const blockSub = tezos.stream.subscribe("...


wallet.connect seems to indicate you are using the @temple-wallet/dapp package. If you are using TypeScript, there is the TempleDAppNetwork enum that you can import from the package with all the different network names. With the right settings on your editor, you should get a list of the network names when you type the parameter of wallet.connect :)


Here is the detailed history of the multisig contract supported in tezos-client: Basic multisig, with replay attack Hash 475e37a6386d0b85890eb446db1faad67f85fc814724ad07473cac8c0a124b31. The first basic multisig supported by tezos-client. This version supports: single transfers updating the delegate updating keys and threshold All transfers of funds to the ...

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