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11 votes

Max theoretical TPS with current setup of block gas/storage limits?

Currently, there is a fixed constant that limits the total gas usage of a single block to: hard_gas_limit_per_block = 4000000 With the proto003 fee change, transactions (txs) have minimum gas costs ...
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5 votes

Is tezos-node single or multi-threaded?

The current version of the Tezos node is mono-threaded. Indeed, there is work in the direction of parallelisation, it is probably better to do so through multiple processes than through multithreading,...
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2 votes

What is a Proof-producing Virtual Machine (PVM)?

Copied from file src/proto_alpha/lib_protocol/, which introduces the expected signature from a PVM: This module introduces the semantics of Proof-generating Virtual Machines. A ...
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