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You could modify Conseil in order to support the extraction of voting related info. Another approach is to use the tzscan codebase, which also fills a database with information from the Tezos node. Last but not least, you can use RPC calls to /chains/main/blocks/head/context/raw/json/.. to explore the raw context for every block.


Unfortunately there is no way to directly query just the delegator's reward from TzScan API. But you can easily use this API call with some extra calculations: //This is what the baker got var total_reward = rewards + extra_rewards - losses; //This is the delegator's share in the staking balance var share = balance / staking_balance; //This is the ...


<block_id> - is a hash or a level of the block at which you ask for balance. If you want to get a simple balance at the specific point in the cycle: (this is pseudocode, I hope you figure it out) var cycle = 60; var p1 = (cycle * 4096 + 1) + 0; //beginning of the cycle var p2 = (cycle * 4096 + 1) + 4095; //end of the cycle var balance_at_p1 = get('...


You can use TzScan API for this: /v3/balance_history/KT1..., the documentation is here: balance history doc. For example


In addition to what Ezy said here, Cryptonomic actually does have plan to export data to Big Query. We have in the past reached out to the developer outreach person at Google who started this project and will get to the task once we catch up to the quickly-evolving features of the Tezos platform.


The SmartPy contract explorer allows you to see all the entry point of a given contract in any of the networks (main and test) along with autogenerated forms to interact with all those entrypoints. Example:


To find all the entrypoints and their types using tezos-client you can use the following command: tezos-client get contract entrypoints for <src> To check a specific entrypoint you can also use: tezos-client get contract entrypoint type of <entrypoint> for <src> You can find more about available commands in the official documentation.


It seems to me this is a very good question and afaik such an effort is actively taken by Cryptonomic in that direction. They are in the process of releasing a quite flexible query system called Arronax that is powered by Conseil/ConseilJS .


It is not possible to directly retrieve from the RPCs the information you are requesting. Some public services index chain metadata in order to be able to provide extra historical details. For example, in the current cycle 153 you can see that bakendorse displays the priority level of the missed bake. But they choosing to only display this information for ...

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