Implicit (tz* accounts) can be removed by storage by reducing the balance to 0, and ensuring the account isn't a registered delegate. If the account is registered, there's no direct way to de-register, you just need to wait for the grace period to end. Do note, additional gas (and therefore fees) are required to empty and remove an implicit account from ...


Let's find out. We start by running a sandbox node. We'll originate two contracts, one for maps, the other for bigmap. parameter (pair address nat); storage (big_map address nat); code { UNPAIR; UNPAIR; DIP { SOME }; UPDATE; NIL operation; PAIR; }; (this is the big_map version, the map version is the same with the type "bigmap" ...


Just asked that question at riot. The answer from our very wise Adrian Brink:


On your side, a first step would be to set --connections option to eg. 1000 or 10000 (assuming you have enough resources for that. I remember there was an issue with the number of opened file descriptors in the past that makes the node crash, and attempting to establish too may connection could trigger the issue.). Then, if you can initialize your node with ...


The current version of the Tezos node is mono-threaded. Indeed, there is work in the direction of parallelisation, it is probably better to do so through multiple processes than through multithreading, more error prone.


It is not trivial to achieve the bootstrap phase in parallel. Indeed, while bootstrapping, you have a dependency on the availability of the last context (ledger state) used to compute the next one, and so on. However, there is still room for improvement on the node performances and we are working on it.


Here is a great article by CryptiumLabs that deals with these questions.


It may be that the whole network is lagging behind, because the timestamp of a block is not necessarily the time at which the block is produced, but instead the minimal time at which the block could be produced. For the latency, one should note that each node first validates a block before propagating it further, so the network diameter also plays a role. ...


Your last baked block was not your last assigned block. Meaning your baker had the opportunity/right to bake a block at height 576529 but missed to inject a block.

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