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Pruning empty accounts or inactive contracts?

Implicit (tz* accounts) can be removed by storage by reducing the balance to 0, and ensuring the account isn't a registered delegate. If the account is registered, there's no direct way to de-register,...
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Relative gas cost of map vs bigmap

Let's find out. We start by running a sandbox node. We'll originate two contracts, one for maps, the other for bigmap. parameter (pair address nat); storage (big_map address nat); code { UNPAIR; ...
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Roll size and node performance

Just asked that question at riot. The answer from our very wise Adrian Brink:
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What are the best practices for increasing node connectivity / number of peers?

On your side, a first step would be to set --connections option to eg. 1000 or 10000 (assuming you have enough resources for that. I remember there was an issue with the number of opened file ...
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Is tezos-node single or multi-threaded?

The current version of the Tezos node is mono-threaded. Indeed, there is work in the direction of parallelisation, it is probably better to do so through multiple processes than through multithreading,...
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Understanding the latency of `tezos-node`

It may be that the whole network is lagging behind, because the timestamp of a block is not necessarily the time at which the block is produced, but instead the minimal time at which the block could ...
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Would Tezos benefit from parallelisation?

It is not trivial to achieve the bootstrap phase in parallel. Indeed, while bootstrapping, you have a dependency on the availability of the last context (ledger state) used to compute the next one, ...
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Roll size and node performance

Here is a great article by CryptiumLabs that deals with these questions.
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What does "Last Assigned Baking" alert on explorer mean?

Your last baked block was not your last assigned block. Meaning your baker had the opportunity/right to bake a block at height 576529 but missed to inject a block.
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