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1. Maximum parameter size per transaction The maximum number of bytes per transaction for a single transaction is limited several constants, in particular an upper size of for operations max_operation_data_length and the hard gas limits for operations and blocks (a block contains a set of operations): "max_operation_data_length": 16384, "...


The format you use for lists is wrong. You can look at the Michelson / Storage tabs in tests on SmartPy.io. Lists constants in Michelson are of the form {1; 2; 3}.


I would like to clarify some of the beacon behavior. The main responsibility of beacon is establishing and maintaining a communication channel between a dApp and a wallet. Beacon itself does NOT do any type checking or error handling regarding the contents of the tezos operations. The operations are sent to the other side as is, without any changes or error ...


Did you try value: { "int" : "10000" }? It seems that: the field value in parameters should be micheline (seeing how Unit is expressed) the entrypoint %stake has type nat (the linked contract says (nat %stake) in the parameter type) the Micheline encoding of the nat 10000 is {"int": "10000"} (this can be verified by ...

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