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It may be that the whole network is lagging behind, because the timestamp of a block is not necessarily the time at which the block is produced, but instead the minimal time at which the block could be produced. For the latency, one should note that each node first validates a block before propagating it further, so the network diameter also plays a role. ...


On Debian, you need to add the user to the root group. For the rich user, the command is: sudo adduser rich root Logout and back in for the change to take affect.


Neither proposals nor ballot operations affect account balance.


As commented above, lists the current networks: mainnet, Edo2Net (mainnet test), Florencenet (next protocol, if it passes) Every network is public and both test networks have free tokens from the faucet. You can participate by downloading/running the latest tezos software and using the --network flag to ...


The node is responding with a successful response (i.e. an operation hash), but the behavior of "slow" throughput or "locked out" as noted in the question is happening because these operations are not properly getting propagated across the network. There is a mempool filter (i.e. ratio between gas limit and baker fee) which is causing the ...

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