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First you need to know what level (block height) to look at based on the provided operation hash (operation id). You have public indexer API's like tzkt or tzstats that can make this very easy for you. Then you can get the parsed operation(s) directly from the RPC API. After that you can forge it locally with for example Taquito to get it as a hex string. ...


You can reveal seed nonce at any level in the following cycle. Example: level 3590 of 4096. You see most revelations within the first blocks because the native baking software simply tries to push the revelation operation ASAP. However, it would be much better to inject revelation in your own block in order to earn extra rewards.


The node closes the stream when it changes its head. When a block (most often the just received one) is chosen as the new head, the mempool is reset. Operations included in blocks are removed, valid operations and branch delayed operations are reconsidered (are they still/now valid?). You have to get these refreshed list of operations by restarting a fresh ...


I went to ~/tezos-delphinet/config.json and edited the default listen-addr to 9733: { "data-dir": "/home/user/tezos-delphinet", "p2p": { "bootstrap-peers": [ "", "", "", "" ], "...

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