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Actually, error 57: Synopsis and description must not be both empty should be seen as a warning emitted by opam. The reason of the failure is given at the end. It's due to absence of some system dependencies. Try to install them as follows before recompiling Liquidity: sudo apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev libsodium-dev


Try to be as explicit as possible: specify the full path to tezos-client specify the absolute directory containing the data, especially the aliases (generally --base-dir /home/[..USER..]/.tezos-client) If it does not work, copy-paste the error messages, so that we can understand the problem.


As mentioned any answers will be subjective and it really doesn't matter which Linux you choose. I would suggest either using the Tezos docker image for this and then it really doesn't matter, or look at the linux distro the team choose for their Dockerfile and use that as your base distro. You certainly couldn't go wrong there.


Found the issue. I was using files which were on the Windows file system (/mnt/d) as from my understanding, files created on the Windows file system can also be used by the Linux Subsystem. It looks like some of the Linux Ubuntu tools do not like using these shared files. I am now cloning the Tezos repo straight into the Linux file system.


If you want a GUI version of linux i suggest lubuntu. Its very light weight and I find it great for VNC / RDP as it has no animations etc compared to ubuntu.


A lot of us bakers old timers depend on the work done by etomknudsen called "Tezos Node CPR". Main repo has systemd scripts to let systemd manage and log the tezos binaries. Systemd does a great job keeping services up as it's battle tested in enterprise level services, it handles process dependencies and restarting of services on errors. The Tezos Node ...


We are or hire system architects who design a HA (high availability) infrastructure for our bakers 😉 You can see some discussions here. SSH is definately one tool in the toolbelt here, but if you want a serious HA architecture you need to find skilled people to build and operate it 👍


Try the full path. Like that: home/your_user_name/tezos/tezos-client transfer 1 from myAlias to tz1.... --fee 0.05 --dry-run

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