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you need to use an in-memory signer to sign the transaction using the private key associated with the wallet that is doing the approval. note that this means you’ll need server architecture of some kind because putting the private key in a client side React app means basically giving the private key to anyone who visits your website - don’t do that :)


The short answer is you can't and you shouldn't. :) The long answer: Whenever you do an operation on the blockchain, a signature is required from your wallet to "authorise" the transaction. So every time funds are spent or a contract call is done, the wallet needs the details of that operation and calculate a signature for that specific operation. ...


thank you for your question. The preferredNetwork property is needed only for Kukai and if you want to connect to a testnet. So if your dApp only runs on mainnet, you do not need to set the preferredNetwork. The reason for this is because the URL of the Kukai wallet is different per network. And during the connection establishing (when the popup with the ...

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