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1) Here they are $ ./tezos-client rpc get /chains/main/blocks/1/context/contracts | grep KT1 "KT1WPEis2WhAc2FciM2tZVn8qe6pCBe9HkDp", "KT1W148mcjmfvr9J2RvWcGHxsAFApq9mcfgT", "KT1VvXEpeBpreAVpfp4V8ZujqWu2gVykwXBJ", "KT1VsSxSXUkgw6zkBGgUuDXXuJs9ToPqkrCg", "KT1Um7ieBEytZtumecLqGeL56iY6BuWoBgio", "KT1TzamC1SCj68ia2E4q2GWZeT24yRHvUZay", "...


It's a convenient way to load and parametrize a protocol, you can specify any key in the previous block to achieve that. After you've reached the no fork point, your shell will refuse to reorganize and the key becomes pointless.

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