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Galleon not showing delegation addresses

What version of Galleon were you using when you did these operations? If you were using an older version, it is possible that the gas/storage limit or the required min fee was not compatible with ...
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Tezos CLI keypair to software wallet

You can display your private key with: tezos-client show address your_address_alias -S and copy it for your new wallet
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Galleon issue withdraw from KT1 to TZ1

A common cause of transfer errors from KT1 accounts is that there is not enough tez in the manager account to cover the fee.
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How can I delegate to multiple bakers from the same Galleon Ledger account with one Tz address?

You can originate multiple KT1 accounts sharing the same tz1 manager and have each KT1 account delegate to separate bakers. However one tz1 account can only delegate to a single baker.
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Galleon & Air Gap Wallets - your Centralized validation - how to decentralize your validation process?

Andy from AirGap here. I'm not sure which "validation process" you mean. Could you please provide more details about what exactly you mean? As you mentioned, AirGap currently connects to nodes/...
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1 vote

How can you make Ledger Nano wallet work with Galleon or Tezbox Seedphrase?

I haven't tried it, but in theory it should work as long as you use the same derivation path. However, if you are migrating to the ledger because you want to secure your funds more, then you shouldn'...
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Galleon v0.9b - how to delegate XTZ to multiple bakers from a Manager Address?

1- Your Tz1 address is the implicit account and Kt1 addresses are smart contracts. Each implicit account can only delegate to one baker. Ledger supports having several implicit accounts, however ...
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