For those that don't have their ICO password it's important to understand that the password you provided was combined with the email you entered into a single passphrase. In order to access your funds you need your Seed words + passphrase (which is email followed by password with no space between). Before you use a tool to try to brute force the password, ...


You can also do it via the tezos-client. Step 1) Get your activation key here: https://tezos.com/get-started/ Step 2 Optional, if you don't have a node set up: https://github.com/tezoscommunity/FAQ/blob/master/Compile_Mainnet.md Step 3) cd into Tezos ./tezos-client add address my_account <public key hash from donation PDF> ./tezos-client ...


Some other options are brute forcing the password with this tool, built by a community member.


Some answer is available on reddit, perhaps it's a good start https://www.reddit.com/r/tezos/comments/8v9ep0/steps_to_claim_your_xtz_account_and_delegate/ 1 Activate your wallet a. Go to https://activate.tezos.com/ b. Enter your Public Key Hash/Address c. Enter your activation code d. Click Activate Wait for 30 seconds for your ...


Your non-activate Tez (not tezzie), are not visible on the chain. You must activate your ICO account first. https://activate.tezos.com/ You will need the original PDF, email, and password from the ICO. You can then use any webwallet that supports activation to activate your ICO funds.

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