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What is a 'valid case' for bls12_381_fr?

Edo2net is not the default protocol in sandbox. You will need to provide the --protocol-hash arg: tezos-sandbox mini \ --size 1 \ --number-of-boot 2 \ --protocol-hash ...
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Is the data held within a ticket publicly visible in any way?

The contents of tickets is completely transparent and can't be used in this way. In general, you cannot assume that on-chain data is unreadable by users. You can add encrypted data on chain, but to to ...
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What is a 'valid case' for bls12_381_fr?

Can you give more information on your setup? Like which hash do you use? In the latest versions of BLS12-381 (used by Edo), it has been decided to pad the bytes for Fr elements. Some users requested ...
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