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How can I deploy a Michelson smart contract?

Read the documentation of: tezos-client -A originate contract It says: tezos-client originate contract <new> for <mgr> transferring <qty> from <src> ...
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How can I deploy a Michelson smart contract?

ConseilJS beta 0.2.7 has experimental functionality that allows that sort of GUI deployment. Docs here, code here.
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Why are the tz and KT addresses using different letter cases?

You can see in the commit 1c7d7ce7 that the prefix was previously "TZ1". The case was used to distinguish between the two types of adresses. This commit changed the letters to "limit confusion with ...
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How do you submit a pair when calling an entrypoint on a contract with Taquito?

Your code is correct, but you have to use the methodsObject property instead of methods if you want to use a JavaScript object as the parameter of the contract call. Alternatively, you can split the ...
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Tezos Development Toolchain

The closest to OpenZeppelin I've seen are the collection of contracts made by TQ Tezos here: And for a Hardhat-type tool for deploying contracts (not sure what else Hardhat ...
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Is there low level documentation about creating transactions available?

There is documentation on serialization here: And a usefull implementation from the Airgap Team at:
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How can I deploy a Michelson smart contract? Also allows to deploy Michelson smart contract. You can open "Michelson" tab and paste your Michelson code into text field on right side.
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