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How to create a database out of the Tezos node?

You could modify Conseil in order to support the extraction of voting related info. Another approach is to use the tzscan codebase, which also fills a database with information from the Tezos node. ...
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How do I query the Balance of a KT1 account Cycle by Cycle?

<block_id> - is a hash or a level of the block at which you ask for balance. If you want to get a simple balance at the specific point in the cycle: (this is pseudocode, I hope you figure it ...
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How do I query the Balance of a KT1 account Cycle by Cycle?

You can use TzScan API for this: /v3/balance_history/KT1..., the documentation is here: balance history doc. For example https://api6.tzscan.io/v3/balance_history/KT1GgUJwMQoFayRYNwamRAYCvHBLzgorLoGo
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Best way to duplicate/sync private database with FA2 contract transactions & balances

tzkt.io offers a websocket based listener that can be used for the scenario mentioned by you. Alternatively, you can run a cron job that checks for changes in the contract storage (tzkt's API can be ...
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