You could modify Conseil in order to support the extraction of voting related info. Another approach is to use the tzscan codebase, which also fills a database with information from the Tezos node. Last but not least, you can use RPC calls to /chains/main/blocks/head/context/raw/json/.. to explore the raw context for every block.


<block_id> - is a hash or a level of the block at which you ask for balance. If you want to get a simple balance at the specific point in the cycle: (this is pseudocode, I hope you figure it out) var cycle = 60; var p1 = (cycle * 4096 + 1) + 0; //beginning of the cycle var p2 = (cycle * 4096 + 1) + 4095; //end of the cycle var balance_at_p1 = get('...


You can use TzScan API for this: /v3/balance_history/KT1..., the documentation is here: balance history doc. For example https://api6.tzscan.io/v3/balance_history/KT1GgUJwMQoFayRYNwamRAYCvHBLzgorLoGo


tzkt.io offers a websocket based listener that can be used for the scenario mentioned by you. Alternatively, you can run a cron job that checks for changes in the contract storage (tzkt's API can be used once again) and records the same in the DB.

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