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How can I configure my baker to accept 0-fee transactions?

You should set all three to 0 in order to accept 0-fee transactions. This will not affect the validity of the blocks you create. One possible negative repercussion is that your mempool could be ...
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What does a good P2P configuration look like for a public node?

Use ./tezos-node config update --connections=300 to fix your config file, as Tom said, those numbers should not match. Then restart tezos-node. Make sure your firewall is open, and any routers are ...
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Is it possible to discover a private node from its trusted public node list of peers?

Calling tezos-admin-client p2p stat on node B will list among other things, all active connections. The connections to private node will have the word private near the end of the line. Here is an ...
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What does "Last Assigned Baking" alert on explorer mean?

Your last baked block was not your last assigned block. Meaning your baker had the opportunity/right to bake a block at height 576529 but missed to inject a block.
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