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The node self updates. The client/baker/endorser/accuser don't. In order to participate to the chain after that the protocol changes (if it changes) to Athen, you'll have to download/compile/install by yourselves the "client" binaries for this protocol! They are independent from "clients" for the previous protocols. The _004_Pt24m4xi softwares (as well as ...


I was able to make it work, you need to disable bubblewrap which is used by opam but not supported in WSL. You can do so using the --disable-sandboxing flag. See


The very first step is to have these lines function properly. code = adaptBlocks(code) env = context.copy() exec(code, env) window.cleanAll() ## you can probably remove that for test in window.pythonTests: window.addButton(, test.f) ## you can probably remove that if withTests and test.is_default: ## you can ...


Currently, SmartPy doesn't ship any standalone lib for this. You will need libsodium, Brython, ... We are migrating the frontend to React.js which is cleaner and easier to maintain, the new IDE is already being reviewed and should be ready next weekend. I recommend you to wait a few days or look at the current frontend files here (mainly editor.js, dialog.js,...


This comment by user jdsika includes all the steps needed to run Tezos on WSL2. Note that Windows 10 version 2004 is needed.


I just successfully downloaded (and installed) ocamlgraph.1.8.8 with opam. I think it was simply that the website was temporarily in a bad mood...

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