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Where can we find FILE.full publicly for bootstrapping from a snapshot?

For the time being you should create it by yourself by exporting it from a trusted full node doing this: tezos-node snapshot export --block BLOCK_HASH FILE.full you can see the full guide here: ...
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`tezos-client bootstrapped`: why it quits too early, really without waiting bootstrapping to the network?

There is no indicator on the blockchain or the node to know if the chain is at latest or "bootstrapped". That's how blockchains work. At any moment there could be a new block or a new fork of the ...
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Zeronet node doesn't bootstrap

You may need to input a public node to bootstrap in your peer list; is available.
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Time for bootstrapping a node in alphanet

Alphanet size is currently around 13 GB. It is a very IO intensive process and it is recommended you use SSD where it it should take less than 4 hours to complete. There isn't a commonly used ...
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Starting Tezos node gives "Bus error: 10"

I ended up deleting ~/.tezos-node directory. I regenerated config.json but had to add peers: { "p2p": { "listen-addr": "[::]:9732" } } { "rpc": { "listen-addr": "" }, "p2p": { "...
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Bootstrapping and nonces

Yes, it's currently the safest course of action. In order to minimize the baker's down time, I'd recommend to: Locally export a snapshot on a block that is far enough in the past (20.000 blocks is ...
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RPC call - getting "No service found at this URL"

A rolling node retains and supplies information for only a limited number of cycles. To access older blocks, you must have at least a full node or even an archive node depending which information you ...
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How to calculate KT1 addresses of the bootstrap_contracts

The KT address is derived from the signed operations bytes that originated the account. To calculate it you will need to first hash the operations bytes with blake2b (32 bytes). Then you prepend an ...
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How to calculate KT1 addresses of the bootstrap_contracts

The contract address cannot be known without looking at the blockchain context because the contract address is created when the transaction with origination operation is baked into the blockchain.
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Unexpected error (validator) during bootstrapping

Can you open an issue on ? And a few details such as : is your script up to date ? did you bootstrapped your node from nothing ? Or used a storage snashpot ? ...
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Where can we find FILE.full publicly for bootstrapping from a snapshot?

TzDutch provide snapshots via their QuickSync service - The current latest one is from block BMKkyoQRCUHh2nLxZE4o6q3ExQDeGntNsdMKTbzq6gEXRg6HguV wget http://...
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