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This can still be done from the terminal using the normal ./tezos-client transfer <amount> from <src> to <dst> command, with a couple of important caveats: There is currently a regression in Babylon in that this command expects the value for amount to be in mutez rather than in tez, but only when transferring from a KT1 account. For ...


The exact formula used in Babylon can be found here: This comes to: ((16 000 000 * (8 + 2 * e / 32)) / 10) / (1 + p) But note that these are integer divisions, hence, in your example: 8 + 2 * 26 / 32 = 8 + 52 / 32 = 8 + 1 = 9 16 000 000 μꜩ * 9 = 144 000 000 ...


In a scenario where both the TZ1 and KT1 addresses have been emptied, you can still send funds to your KT1 address. The KT1 contract never gets destroyed. You will however need fund your manager account again (TZ1 address) in order to move the funds you just sent to your KT1 address. The delegation would remain active as long as you don't change or cancel ...


I ran your code, and found out that your payload hash is not correct; these lines of code: const payload: string = bufferToHexString(Buffer.from(bb)); await sodium.ready; const payloadHash = bufferToHexString(Buffer.from(sodium.crypto_generichash(32, payload))) . The function sodium.crypto_generichash involving the hashing of a uint8array and the ...


Util Link: The pre-apply RPC call validates the signature prefix, while the inject operation call doesn't. You should use the specific curve prefix. sig([4, 130, 43]) # sig(96) generic signature (Used after the operation injection) edsig([9, 245, 205, 134, 18]) # edsig(99) ED25519 signature (Used for tz1 signatures) spsig1([13, 115, 101, 19, 63]) #...


That's right, you cannot empty a delegated implicit account. In 006 the assert is replaced with a proper error message. Your options are to either leave at least 1 mutez in the account, or to remove the delegation and then empty the account.


Hehey, ok if this is true, it is sad. but i found a solution; liquidity -> .liq -> .tz and deploy with tezos-client. :) – candlez Jan 6 at 15:00


The problem is that the source address you're trying to delegate from is already registered as a baker. There are two situations that lead to the No_deletion error: trying to withdraw delegation from a contract that is registered as a baker (


This is a bug in babylon caused by using an integer division in a wrong place and will be fixed in the next proposal. For now you can use the following formula to calculate the rewards : The formula is : ((16 000 000 * (8 + floor(2 * e / 32))) / 10) / (1 + p) More info :

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