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This happened directly as part of the context "stitching". When a new protocol is activated, an initialization function is called which lets the new protocol performs some housekeeping on the context to make it compatible with the new code base. This can include changing some of the data structures involved in representing the ledger (e.g. roll base) but, in ...


The node self updates. The client/baker/endorser/accuser don't. In order to participate to the chain after that the protocol changes (if it changes) to Athen, you'll have to download/compile/install by yourselves the "client" binaries for this protocol! They are independent from "clients" for the previous protocols. The _004_Pt24m4xi softwares (as well as ...


These are high level characteristics for the json files: identity.json stores the proof that the node id belongs to this node. This proof disallows others to use your node id and act poorly to get your node banned from other peers. This node id is used by other node peers to identify your node so it can make decisions whether or not to trust your node. Note ...


This has been discussed before and will probably be flagged. Nevertheless, the answer is: You only need to upgrade those commands that you are currently running with 003... to 004.... That's it. More info here.

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