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Where is the reward operation for athens?

This happened directly as part of the context "stitching". When a new protocol is activated, an initialization function is called which lets the new protocol performs some housekeeping on the context ...
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How does the 003-node binary download/compile/merge proposal code?

The node self updates. The client/baker/endorser/accuser don't. In order to participate to the chain after that the protocol changes (if it changes) to Athen, you'll have to download/compile/install ...
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Do I need to save the identity,peers,config.json when updating Tezos node?

These are high level characteristics for the json files: identity.json stores the proof that the node id belongs to this node. This proof disallows others to use your node id and act poorly to get ...
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How should I prepare as a baker, for Athens A protocol activation?

This has been discussed before and will probably be flagged. Nevertheless, the answer is: You only need to upgrade those commands that you are currently running with 003... to 004.... That's it. More ...
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