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Can I use multiple ledgers for baking?

It is possible to have a hot-standby signer albeit I would recommend against it. In order to have a hot-standby, you initialise a second ledger with the same seed as the first one. Then you need a ...
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Pruning empty accounts or inactive contracts?

Implicit (tz* accounts) can be removed by storage by reducing the balance to 0, and ensuring the account isn't a registered delegate. If the account is registered, there's no direct way to de-register,...
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7 votes

How are Smart Contracts saved for checking in future?

Am I understanding correctly, that I can store for example my rental contract as a Smart Contract and then it is made official with baking it with bakers? Like in all open blockchain systems, you ...
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Decent bakery architecture?

Looks like a good start. Unless your (4G)-router has a battery consider an uninterruptible power source (UPS). A second laptop with signer and additional ledger on standby in a separate location ...
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Can I use multiple ledgers for baking?

The main risk with using multiple ledger/bakers is the risk of double-baking/double-endorsing which will make you lose your bond. So technically the answer to your question is "yes" however to be ...
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