Fundamentally a cycle is a set of block heights for which the baking en endorsement rights are determined by a single random seed. The reason to have many blocks in a cycle is that it lowers the incentive to try and manipulate the random seed (since most seeds will produce similar distributions on average). The reason not to have too many blocks in a cycle ...


As a self baker, you can vote via Ledger.


There is already a Guide from Obsidian, about Voting with a Ledger Nano SOURCE: https://github.com/tezoscommunity/FAQ/blob/master/Compile_Mainnet.md


This is an empirical parameter but at high level it needs to be long enough to get enough to get statistical sample (for the randomization for the baking rights snapshot) and short enough to not know the expected rewards too much in advance. And again like every other parameter in Tezos it is subject to amendment if the community believes there is a strong ...


The testnet chain is only to validate the ability for the amendment to occur without any initial adverse effects to the network. These protocols should also run in parallel on a dedicated test chain as well, but it's up to the community/proposers to ensure this is setup and well tested. Testnets should probably run from before the amendments are even ...

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