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stuck with moving my XTZ to Temple wallet

3 years ago I delegate XTZ to a baker using TEZBOX. Today I found out that the TEZBOX wallet is not available. I migrated to Temple wallet using a Privat Key, but now I have 0 XTZ on my balance, all ...
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xtz preso em

When I try send XTZ from my adress validated by TREZOR T WALLET, it ( shows that mensage "the sum of gas consumed by all the operations in the block exceeds the hard gas limit ...
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Waiting for the node to be synchronized with its peers [closed]

I'm new to Tezos Baking and just setup my node on my laptop to get used the system. My node appears to be fully synchronized with current time stamps. Now when I run the command to start the baker I ...
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Problems with TEZBOZ while transferring from KT address to manager address tz

I'm trying to transfer all XTZ from KT address because of the address I was delegating to is not baking anymore, it appears. But I cannot send the XTZ to the manager tz1 address. I have 33 XTZ in ...
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Why am I experiencing delegation activation lag?

When I delegate my XTZ to a baker, what is the reason for the time lag before the delegation seems to activate?
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How to delegate XTZ to multiple Validators?

How to delegate XTZ to multiple Validators? Can I use one Ledger Live account to delegate XTZ to multiple Validators?
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Can't send my XTZ from any wallet

i created a wallet on atomicwallet and sent my xtz from an exchange. Problem is I can't send from atomic, transaction fails, and I tried to load my private key into other wallets, it doesnt work ...
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Hard fork vs onchain-governance for Tezos [closed]

What are the main pros and cons of implementing protocol changes on Tezos via hard-forking vs onchain-governance?
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