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1 answer

Moving baker from laptop to cloud server

I've been baking successfully with 97 - 98% reliability on a spare laptop that's connected to a Nano ledger with the tezos baking app. I would like to migrate the node to a cloud server to see if the ...
6 votes
1 answer

Do I automatically start baking if I have 10,000 or more tezos in my wallet?

I am just wondering if I can run the wallet with my private key on an cheap Ubuntu VPS to start earning baking rewards.
4 votes
2 answers

Is a VPS with DDOS protection sufficient security for a Tezos bakery?

I was thinking about using Virmach $5.00 Windows server 2012 plan with the following specs: for example SSD1G 1GB DEDICATED RAM // 1 vCORE // 25GB+ SSD (HW RAID 10) // DDoS Protection Available // ...