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Endorsement Operation Signature verification using TzGO

I am trying to verify the endorsement operations of the endorsers in every blocks but I am unable to verify them. I took the details of the endorsement operation and reentered the details in ...
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Why are formal proofs and verification important for smart contracts?

On the Ethereum blockchain, there is a lot of talk about formal proofs and verification of smart contracts. In particular, ERC20 tokens and various exchange contracts will mention that they are ...
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Smart contracts - get tz address from signature like ecrecover ethereum

I want to be able to verify that a signature is signed by a public key's address in my smart contract method on tezos. For example with solidity see:
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How to verify the script code?

Since the protocol update to Babylon all KT1 accounts were replaced with smart contracts which contain the script. Code: parameter (or (lambda %do unit (list operation)) (unit ...
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What's the easiest way for an account holder to verify/sign that they are the rightful owner of an account?

At times it might be important for users to verify the ownership of an account (tz1/KT1/etc) in order for applications to trust. However, this should not involve divulging of secret keys or any ...
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How to recover from "No space left on device" error?

The drive the node uses ran out of disk space. This resulted in a series of errors in a format similar to: Apr 16 01:58:36 - validator.block: Validation of block ...
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Baking and verification - comparison by computation amount needed

What is the relation between computation processing amount versus the processing amount on verification of the baking results? Why I ask this is that I am wondering is it really that baking is done ...
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Reentrancy attack vector on tezos smart contracts?

I heard that Michelson helps with avoiding re-entrancy bug. Why is that? Is there some feature in the language that prevent it?
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Formal verification of Tezos smart contracts

What are the analyses of Tezos smart contracts that could benefit dapps writers the most? Just to be clear, by “analysis” here I mean “static program analysis”. See for instance here. Basically the ...
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