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Rollup Q&A: How can arbitrum or optimism update their rollup with an admin key? I thought Smart Contract were immutable?

Question from reddit How can Arbitrum or Optimism update their rollup with an admin key? I thought SC were immutable?
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How to run tezos rewards distributor for the past cycle?

After update my trd does not make payments for the last cycle. I use command: python3 src/ -C $CICLENO -V on -s -R -5 -M 3 --log-file=$CYCLENO.log where $CYCLENO is the cycle for which i want ...
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ERROR No switch is currently set. Please use 'opam switch' to set or install a switch

We are currently receiving these kind of error messages when updating our tezos node. Our upgrading procedure are like this: 1. We copy the main ~/tezos directory to a new directory called ~/tezos-...
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Updating a existing contract with new code and storage [duplicate]

Is it possible to update a existing deployed contract with new code & storage on the same address? It would be like adding a new version or does the updated contract have to be deployed to a new ...
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Alphanet protocol synced with mainnet

If I test on the alphanet and everything works correctly, can I then safely assume that the same code / process will also work on the mainnet? The current Tezos protocol amendment voting process is ...
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Tendermint vs Grandpa & Babe

It seems Tezos is moving towards the Tendermint consensus, used by Cosmos. However, wouldn't a Grandpa & Babe consensus mechanism, as used in Polkadot, allow for better block scaling? EDIT: I am ...
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3 public nodes, 1 private. Upcoming testing chain [duplicate]

I have two public nodes and 1 private, when we start the testing phase of the 004 chain, I will be running 003+004 bakers+endorser from my private node that sits behind my public ones. Will my ...
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Error when updating the node

I'm trying to update my node to the latest version but I'm stuck with the following error message on my Ubuntu 18.04 box: File "none", line 1: Error: Files vendors/ocplib-resto/lib_resto-cohttp/...
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Limitations of the self-amending ledger?

What are the technical limitations of the self-amending ledger? Eg. what can't be amended via protocol updates with the on-chain governance mechanism?
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