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high watermark, level and round

What's a correct tenderbake implementation of a high watermark to prevent slashing? Assuming current high watermark for attestation is at level L and round R signature for attestation is requested ...
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Why was ~/.tezos-node not renamed to ~/.octez-node along with the other changes?

Octez has changed much of the naming within it from 'tezos' to octez, I am curious why this was not changed or if there is something I am missing.
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License Dependency Report

The usage of open source software (OSS) often comes with the risk of patent infringements. Companies who want to use OSS have to take care of the specific license terms and obligations that come with ...
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Tezos as an employer [closed]

Tezos has the unique ability for a software developer to write a piece of code (an extension, a module or a library) for the Tezos protocol and attach an invoice. If the proposal is accepted by the ...
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2 answers

Is there an official roadmap for the Tezos development?

I know that Tezos is a decentralized blockchain project and that everybody who wants to contribute can do so by pushing their code to the GitLab repo. But there is at least one large development team ...
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3 answers

Tezos Improvement Proposals

Is there a website tracking "Tezos Improvement Proposals" similar to what exist in some other open sourced projects ? I am aware of conversation channels to discuss actual amendment proposals on ...
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