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When generating contract metadata with `sp.init_metadata` do you include or exclude on-chain views in the `views` array in the metadata?

When performing self.init_metadata("metadata", some_metadata) on contract metadata inside smartpy, should the list of views inside the TZIP-16 metadata only contain off-chain views, or must ...
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Best way to create FA1.2 token with TZIP016

What is the best way to implement a FA1.2 token with TZIP-016 metadata (symbol, name, decimals...)? I am using SmartPy. So far, I noted two methods: the first one is to implement a FA1.2 token with a ...
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Why aren't the offchain views appearing?

I'm extending the smartpy FA2 template # FA2 = sp.import_script_from_url("") class TezosLandNft(FA2.FA2): ... which has the following offchain views ...
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Implementing Contract Metadata (tzip-16) on an already originated FA1.2 Smart Contract

Referring to the documents and examples of tzip-16, how would one implement the contract metadata on a Fa1.2 contract on SmartPy? In order to provide balance updates and offchain events.
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