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Stuck transaction for more than 12 hours

i tried sending my funds from trezor Simple Staking wallet to the exchange, and it seems that the transaction is stuck. i tried many recommendations online such as increasing the transaction fee but ...
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1 vote
1 answer

stuck transaction error: Pre-validation error

I was trying to send a transaction from my Trezor SimplyStaking wallet over 5 hours ago and seem to get an error. at the tzkt explorer, it says the following errors Status Branch refused Pre-...
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3 votes
0 answers

HD Key Derivation for ED25519

I'm currently looking into implementing HD Key derivation for Tezos addresses, and while there's plenty of implementations and standards regarding SECP256k1 addresses, from my understanding it would ...
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Can not move xtz from K1 back to T1 address using Model T Trezor simplestacking wallet

I recently purchased a Model T Trezor and 200 XTZ which I thought i could bake using my Trezor. 4 days ago moved tokens to my Tezzigator staking contract and now I receive a warning message when I ...
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How can i setup delegation with an HSM (Ledger, Trezor)?

If I am a new user who wants to store my XTZ using a hardware wallet (like Ledger or Trezor T), what are the steps to set myself up with delegating those XTZ ?
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