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Tried to cancel a transfer, now counter is off

I submitted a transaction like the following: ./tezos-client transfer 0 from tz1... to KT1... --fee 0 --force-low-fee Disclaimer: The Tezos network is a new blockchain technology. Users are ...
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how to hook function in smartpy FA2

when calling transfer method, how to call hook method on received smart contract. I'm using fa2 in smartpy
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how can I confirm a transfer is valid by rpc result?

I am a developer of a crypto currency exchange, I want to find deposit to my address from each tezos block. After I call the rpc /chains/main/blocks/height, I got the result. And I find there are many ...
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What means this error?

When I want validate my offline generated transaction using RPC call /chains/main/blocks/head/helpers/scripts/run_operation. I got error: Json_encoding.Unexpected_field(\"protocol\") My generated ...
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tezos estimate transfer error

We are getting issue while calling Tezos.estimate.transfer function , it gives 'Unauthorized' error. I have attached a screenshot as well. Here are code shown below: If we run below code with custom ...
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calling a FA2 smart contract transfer entrypoint from my contract in smartpy

Hello guys I am trying to call from my contract entry point from FA2 token contract that I have deployed. But I am unable to find anything on the internet. The only thing I found from the ...
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Minimal Transaction in Sandbox fails: Fatal error: The operation ... is outdated and may never be included in the chain

I'm tying to get a simple transaction in the sandbox running. Everything according to tutorials on the main site (Tezos Client and Sandbox) The error is according to this and this solved by ...
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