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Is it possible to get (or closely approximate) the true broadcast time of the current head block?

Is there a good way to get the true broadcast time of new head blocks? E.g. the system time of the baker that made the block would suffice. As discussed in this question, block timestamps can vary ...
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Why are the timestamps of head blocks sometimes in the future?

I've noticed that timestamps for new head blocks are sometimes in the future. Specifically, if I poll tezos-node for a fresh block, the timestamp of the block will be in the future maybe 10% of the ...
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Call method taking timestamp as parameter from JavaScript

I have a Truffle instance of the contract and I call the method like this contract_instance.test(1); Where test in a function that takes a timestamp as parameter. This gives me this error message: ...
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Can I know when a wallet was created?

Is it possible to see the creation date of a wallet? If so, where? Is this information publicly recorded in the blockchain? I don't seem to find it. For instance, consider this random address (taken ...
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Timestamp in blockheader

Do bakers use current local time inside their baked block or forge timestamp by simply baking (last_block's timestamp + allowed_to_bake_time(1 min for priority 0, 2 min for priority 2 and so on)).
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