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Rollup Q&A: Are tezos rollup all common goods using ctez token? What stops them from having a token?

[Question from reddit] I read that tezos rollups are "common goods that will use ctez or wrapped xtz", is this another feature of them being "enshrined"? What prevents SORUs to use ...
1 vote
1 answer

Is the data held within a ticket publicly visible in any way?

I'm talking about the tickets feature introduced in Edo. Is it safe to hold private data in a ticket basically - I'm talking about this in the context of a game where there is certain information that ...
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1 answer

How are tickets passed to and read by contracts in the Edo protocol?

The Michelson documentation for the Edo protocol mentions four new operations for tickets and this blog post has an example of how tickets are used. I see that the contract in that example can take a ...