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Url error in smartpy

I trying to write a smart contract on the tezos network and using import FA2 library for this. But when I try to run the code I face the url error. this is my code : import smartpy as sp FA2 =
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Error fetching branch from peer

I'm currently working on a Proof of work consensus algorithm/protocol for Tezos as a project. So my project already has Transactions between accounts/contracts and already has block mining. Besides a ...
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Showing parameters invalid while trying to interact with contract

It was working fine a day back with the same input but it is showing this error pls help to solve this problem my deployed contract
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Tezos source code overview and orientation

I kindly ask if someone can summarize in plain english what are the main functionalities of Tezos and soon after describe for each functionality where are the folders and the files that implement it, ...
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Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'isValidPrefix' of undefined {}

var Tezos = taquito.Tezos; Tezos.setProvider({rpc: '', signer: new taquitoTezbridgeSigner.TezBridgeSigner()}) const amount = 1; const ...
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Tezos Blockchain Time in SmartPy

I am new to Tezos Block chain and I am writing a smart-contract for crowdfunding using smartPy. For this I need current date time of Tezos Block chain. So, can anyone help me out, how to find out this?...
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Tezos error messages - branch refused etc

I'm receiving this error message after a couple of transactions have failed. Is it the nonce? I was expecting the pre-apply call would take care of it. Now I'm receiving this message: branch ...
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Forgot password issue [closed]

I'm trying to restore my fund raiser wallet for the first time to access my coins. But I can't seem to remember my password. Is there any option to reset password on the tezbox?
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What does Block_locator.mli in tezos-base do?

Can someone help me with role of interface block_locator.mli in tezos-base?
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