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Can I access my currently Delegated Tezos from my Nano Ledger as I cannot access or restore my Tezbox

I currently have a very concerning issue. I have some Tezos linked to a Nano ledger which I have delegated using the Tezbox web wallet. However for some reason the password is not working (although ...
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2 votes
0 answers

How can I point Tezbox to my own node?

So I have a node and a baker running. I would like to know how can I get Tezbox to connect to it from LAN or the Internet. Apparently it needs SSL connection but I guess it can work with Snake Oil ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Problems with TEZBOZ while transferring from KT address to manager address tz

I'm trying to transfer all XTZ from KT address because of the address I was delegating to is not baking anymore, it appears. But I cannot send the XTZ to the manager tz1 address. I have 33 XTZ in ...
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1 vote
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Adding New Account

I have just linked my Ledger to my Tezbox wallet and funded it with about 10XTZ. I can see the transaction in TzScan and the amount is shown in the Main Account in the Tezbox wallet. But when I try to ...
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How to acces baker adres (bip25519) on tezbox

When I open my ledger on tezbox, it automatically opens the ed25519 address. Is there a way to change the derivation path that you want to access?
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1 answer

old wallet is gone after using new Ledger with old seed

I created Tezbox wallet with Ledger Nano S more than a year ago and then delegate it to a baking service. It was working good and I used it many times. I didn't login for the last 6 months as this is ...
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1 answer

How to import a wallet created with Tezbox via command line

Does anybody know how to import the Tezox address via command line? I created it with a secret phrase and a password. I don't see any way to import that to Galleon or via command line with a node set ...
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