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Too many few connections (0) on personnal node

Sorry, i'm kind of a noob here. I managed to get my personnal rpc node running on local network and it was fine for few weeks. I always had low connections but it worked (only 5 connections but it ...
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How long time does it take to sync a rolling node on Carthage net?

I am running a node on a VPS on google cloud. CPU: Intel Xeon (2) @ 2.300GHz Memory: 2736MiB / 7476MiB The docker data is located on an SSD. It is currently at 2019-12-09T17:43:25Z (I just started). ...
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2 answers

How to get blockchain length

I send rpc calls to a node through tezos-client and I would like to know the length, or the height, of the blockchain so I can see if it is synced and, if not, how much time is remaining. How do I do ...
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