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Fees in proto 003?

Fees have been updated from proto 002 to proto 003. Is there a reference document available somewhere that is indicating fee information for tezos proto 003 ?
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Storage and parameter size limitations of smart contract?

Got a few questions regarding storage limitations of smart contract. What is the maximum number of bytes of data that I can send for a single transaction? Is there a size limit to the storage of a ...
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What are the storage requirements for running a node?

What are the current and projected future storage space requirements for running a Tezos mainnet node? As I understand, garbage collection and zk-snarks could reduce the storage required in the ...
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How to get smart-contract storage data?

I try to get smart-contract storage data: eztz.node.setProvider(''), 2, function(s){ console.log("New storage", s); }); But got an ...
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Garbage Collection

I hear there are plans for garbage collection for the Tezos blockchain. What does this mean exactly? What are these "garbage" that needs to be collected, why are they there in the first place? Is ...
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How to add new record fields in data storage after contract deployment? Is storing JSON in a field viable?

AFAIK, there is no way to update storage types(ex: can't add a new record field to a Map<sp.Nat, sp.record(a=1)>) of a contract after deployment. (Correct me if I'm wrong). This means, after a ...
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