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Tezbox wallet does not show TZ1 wallet balance [closed]

I have Depected 9.5 XTZ into the address of TZ1 wallet and was recorded on the blockchain, but when I checked the balance in Tezbox wallet, I did not see the balance like picture. My TZ1: ...
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What is the difference between `balance`, `frozen_balance`, `staking_balance` and `delegated_balance`

In the delegates RPC results what is the difference between balance, frozen_balance, staking_balance and delegated_balance?
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API calls to get statistics about the address delegated to a staking pool

Is there any API calls to get the statistics for certain address delegated to our staking pool?
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One Single Place to See Cumulative Rewards

Where can I go to see a cumulative number of rewards for my particular account? (I understand that rewards are released on a lag.) I can see the rewards for each cycle on tzscan, but short of adding ...
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Running a Baking Node on Azure - any considerations?

Are there any issues compared to On-Premises implementations. I also like to find out, how many tokens we need for the rewards to cover the cost of operation. I assume, more tokens staked doesn't ...
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What are the chances of my baker getting selected to bake?

I have 2 rolls as my staking balance and have not been given baking rights since 5 cycles. I've been getting endorsement rights but no baking rights. Is there any formula depending on current number ...
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