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Oxford staking mechanics

I'd like to get clarification on how staking works now in relation to deactivating a baker. Previous to Oxford activating, a baker would get their stake spendable/unfrozen immediately on the cycle ...
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Minimum stake threshold of 6000 XTZ

What technical roadblocks exist that prevent the lowering of the 6000 XTZ baking eligibility threshold? Lots of NFT artists and tech hobbyists over the past few years have expressed an interest in ...
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Tezbox wallet does not show TZ1 wallet balance [closed]

I have Depected 9.5 XTZ into the address of TZ1 wallet and was recorded on the blockchain, but when I checked the balance in Tezbox wallet, I did not see the balance like picture. My TZ1: ...
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What is the difference between `balance`, `frozen_balance`, `staking_balance` and `delegated_balance`

In the delegates RPC results what is the difference between balance, frozen_balance, staking_balance and delegated_balance?
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API calls to get statistics about the address delegated to a staking pool

Is there any API calls to get the statistics for certain address delegated to our staking pool?
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One Single Place to See Cumulative Rewards

Where can I go to see a cumulative number of rewards for my particular account? (I understand that rewards are released on a lag.) I can see the rewards for each cycle on tzscan, but short of adding ...
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Running a Baking Node on Azure - any considerations?

Are there any issues compared to On-Premises implementations. I also like to find out, how many tokens we need for the rewards to cover the cost of operation. I assume, more tokens staked doesn't ...
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What are the chances of my baker getting selected to bake?

I have 2 rolls as my staking balance and have not been given baking rights since 5 cycles. I've been getting endorsement rights but no baking rights. Is there any formula depending on current number ...
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